The Belgian owner of Adecco advises companies to flee Belgium

Updated Friday, April 20, 2012 at 7:23 p.m.

Patrick De Maeseneire, the Belgian owner of the world’s leading interim agency Adecco, advises companies to leave Belgium “If you can leave Belgium, run!” is what he said during a conference organized by the magazine Trends on Friday. Advice that he will confirm during an episode of Z-Talk Goosens that will be run on Kanaal Z Saturday.

"I use this phrase with a goal, because we need to act with urgency to reinforce Belgium’s competitive position,” he explained to the Belga agency.

"We are not competitive enough, in Europe let alone the world, where the unemployment of people with very low qualifications is a big problem that we need to attack.” he added while affirming that only Greece, Italy and Spain are doing worse than Belgium.

In this context, the Managing Director of Adecco pleads, without surprise, for a lowering of salary costs and questions the necessity to maintain a 13th month and a double vacation payment in Belgium.

Although of Belgian nationality, Patrick De Maeseneire has resided for quite a number of years in Switzerland.